…a marriage of true minds…


Welcome to B&tB fandom! 

This is a site dedicated to my Continuing Classic Beauty and the Beast fanfiction.

Update:  Happy Spring 2020!  There is a new Ever-Fixed Mark website!  I was tired of the ads and this one getting hacked.  🙂  Please bookmark and check the new website for updates.  

Happy Winterfest!!!   Winterfest 2019  is here!!!   I’m posting a tiny Winterfest story called Winter Light Continued – Part One  and Part Two is up!  And Part Three made it before the baby storm arrived!  Whee!    It is a sequel to last year’s Winter Light . Thank you for letting me share my musings. 

If you need a Winterfest hosting site, I’ll be happy to help.  Please contact me at kfcorvus(at)hotmail.com   

Prior Update:  Summer has passed us by, but that doesn’t mean we still enjoy some summer heat at CABB’s “Summer Heat” Challenge.  JoAnn Baca, Carole W., AM, Paulette, and I offered up stories and artwork. I think you are going to love them.  



If you would like to know what you are getting into, my universe leaves the show at the beginning of the third season, and although there are elements of the third season, my story Union is an SND.  I can’t say all the stories on this site will be in the Union universe, but so far, so good. The stories on the site:



An SND story, jumping away from canon during Though Lover’s Be Lost.  Rated R for violence, sexual content and adult themes.


The Anniversary Gifts

Set Between Chapter 21 and 22 of Union, this stand alone was written for The 2013 Anniversary Challenge at BatBland.  Rated G.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEternity Within Her Power, Written for the 2013 Cleveland Conzine. Set after A Children’s Story, but before Shades of Grey, and in the Union Universe.  Rated PG for themes and language.

Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 1.6

Home, The ongoing sequel to Union.  Rated R for Adult content and themes.

You can email me with questions or comments to kfcorvus [at symbol] hotmail.com

23 thoughts on “…a marriage of true minds…

  1. When these 30-45 chapters are done will you continue the story? (Are you creating a epic? – Just curious I Hope so!)


  2. Susan says:

    Union Update: SO the kids are back in school, which means more writing time, but Chapter 23 is proving…elusive…

    No, No, No….don’t let happen. Have the FBI meeting and then you can bring this segment to a close if your muse is trying to take a vacation. Please don’t leave this unfinished.. It is a great story! Please finish it. Thank you.

  3. Susan says:

    Thank you for finishing Union. Nice Job! I look foward to what you may write in the future.

    • Crowmama says:

      Dear Susan – Thank you for your thanks! I hope to write something that you will be proud of soon…I am working a little everyday. Sadly, that is not the pace I would like to be at…

      Karen 🙂

  4. Queen says:

    Wonderful story and well written. It has a nice flow to it. Smooth with no abrupt switches in the middle of plot sequence. I like that flipping to the Joe part of the story started in another chapter rather than in the middle of an existing chapter.
    Don’t quit the story just yet. Let it finish itself.

    • Crowmama says:

      Dear Queen,

      If only it could finish itself! It is getting worked on, (along with a story for WFOL and the conzine,) but the children love to eat, and I have to work sometimes. Darn real life! 🙂 I am hoping to have a preview chapter of the next part of our intrepid heroes story soon.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the writer’s first foray into the writing world. It was an amazing first leg of the journey.

      Karen 🙂

      • Queen says:

        Never stop even if real life steps in for a while. A church member of mine is working on her third book. I just finished proof-reading her manuscript. I don’t have this skill. I am very proud of those who do.

        If this is your first story, you are doing an amazing job!!! I am able to follow through without feeling like i missed something along the way. I see a future author on the best sellers list 😉

      • Crowmama says:

        I’m trying to keep on task, believe me. My muse sits with her cigarette and legs crossed and tells me Catherine has some explaining to do, and there are still some baddies walking the New York streets. Love the muse, but she is such a noodge. Thanks, Queen. I am blushing at your praise.

  5. Emma says:

    Hope to see more soon!

  6. Em says:

    Please post something soon! We miss you and your wonderful stories!

  7. Crowmama says:

    Thank you Em! I miss you all too!!!

    I work in a very strange way, especially for online. I have to have most of a story written before I can post the first chapter. It’s just the way I roll. I am working everyday and have a number of the chapters completed, and as soon as I can I will post. Thank you so much for your encouragement Em. 🙂

  8. jenna says:

    We are very glad for the update!

  9. Linn says:

    Awesome Karen! I enjoyed the Rambling below in the tunnels. Thanks for creating it 🙂

  10. Crowmama says:

    Thank you Linn! I am so happy to be able to share my research, my love for New York and its people, and my love for B&tB with all yinz guys. 🙂

  11. Beth says:

    Hope you post soon!

  12. Michelle says:

    I love your stories, you really captured Vincent and Catherine’s love and personalities. I hope you finish the stir Winterfest Light it’s wonderful.

    • Crowmama says:

      Dear Michele, Thank you so much! I had such fun writing those stories. I will never stop going to the “Catherine and Vincent have babies” well for inspiration. Lol!

      Although after Winter Light Part 1 & 2 I figured that storyline was finished, you can check out my new site for stories. 😊


      Thank you again for your kind words. They are a gift to me. ❤️ – Karen

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