Heather and Roy – Winterfest 2017


Winterfest is about meeting with people we love and admire

We thought you might enjoy this story of connection from Heather M.



“The picture of me and Roy Dotrice was taken in 1988 at my first (and only) Star Trek convention. My family was living in Colorado at the time and out of the blue I got a flyer in the mail the week before that he was going to be attending this convention in Denver. It was his very first convention, if you can believe it, and he couldn’t have been more gracious and kind and humble. He simply couldn’t believe that all these people had come just to see him! I did a lot of art in high school and directed much of my artistic endeavors towards B&B – one of which was a rough sketch of Father that he signed for me when I met him. After that, we corresponded for a number of years – he even entreated me to put my impassioned writing skills towards trying to persuade CBS to save the show from cancellation, which I did (alas, to no avail!) A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to write to him one last time, since he’s in his 90s and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank him again for all that he and the show meant to me as a young (and now not so young) woman. He sent back the loveliest note from his home in England that brought tears to my eyes. As you can see, he holds a sacred place in my heart.”



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4 thoughts on “Heather and Roy – Winterfest 2017

  1. Carole W says:

    That is a beautiful photograph! You both look so happy. I love hearing how personable and kind Roy always was and is.

    I’m intrigued … are you writing fan fic too? I hope so!

    • Heather says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Carole. I have not ventured into writing, but rather appreciating what others, like yourself, have so eloquently put forth. Perhaps one day!

  2. Londa says:

    You are both beautiful. Thank you for letting me see that there are still sweet and kind people.

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