In the middle of an emergency, do you know what you would do?

No, neither do I.

I’ve recently been to Birth Emergencies Skills Training, (if you are a midwife or birth assistant it is WORTH the money!)  Birth is usually fine, but every once in awhile there is an emergency, something you NEVER want to happen, but out of the hospital, the midwife has to know what to do.  I went to BEST training to get ready for emergencies, because they will happen, and I have to know I’ll be ready.

In 11th grade, I read A Handmaid’s Tale, and from then on, I have always wondered what I would do if I found myself in Offred’s shoes. Could I shut myself down and stay quiet in hopes saving my child?  I’d like to think I could, but after watching the first episode of the Netflix series, I’m not so certain.

Dystopian fiction allows you to wonder what you would do when the worst happens.

If you are looking for some dystopian fiction for some light summer reading, you can check out Cosmo’s “12 Dystopian Books You Should Read if You Like The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Catherine is living her own dystopian nightmare and is trying to figure out how and when to keep her secrets.  She’s trying to figure out what to do when everyday seems to be an emergency.

I hope you enjoy the chapter.

And now, without further ado, Home: Chapter 13


2 thoughts on “Emergencies

  1. Skippy Flink says:

    Hey, Karen, magic reading as always. My word you are certainly kept busy, but doing a wonderful job both in your main employment, and your writing. Makes me wonder how you manage to fit it all in. Looking forward to the con this year, and hoping that we’ll catch up again along the way. If not this year, then maybe next. I remember you from the Calgary Con, and have a great photo of a bunch of us, you included!! Much love’n’hugs, Skip

    • Crowmama says:

      Dear Skippy,
      Generally, finding time to write means just ignoring my kids. 😉 Actually, sometimes it does feel like robbing Peter to pay Paul, but I hope it all comes out in the wash.

      I loved seeing you in Cleveland and Calgary. I hope to make next year’s festivities. 🙂

      I’d love to see the pic sometime. Maybe on Facebook?

      Hope to see you very soon,

      Your friend,

      Karen 🙂

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