Conzine 2017


Dear True-Believers,

It’s been way too long.  I don’t have a post to Home yet, but it is getting worked on between births and studying for the NARM (North American Registry of Midwives) exam, (and, you know, family of five stuff.)  I wouldn’t have blogged, except that I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the the San Diego Conzine 2017.   Its full of lots of fanfic and hey, proceeds go to charity!

I did manage to steal some time to submit a story to the Conzine called “Spirit”, and it’s smutty, yinz!  🙂

You only have until June 1st to order Con merchandise.  Again, it’s for charity, and I happen to think charity and Beauty and the Beast are a winning combination!  😉

Here is the Link to the Con 2017 Merchandise

And here is the link to the Con information, in case you are able to make it!!  I wish I could soooooo much, but too many babies to help with this year…

I’ll see you all online soon!

Karen 🙂


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