lace curtains

Writing … those types of scenes … isn’t the easiest thing for me.

The Catholic-school-girl-who-wanted-to-be-a-nun-until-she-was-fourteen part of me wants to put her head in the sand and just mumble her way through.  The doula/midwife part of me wants to talk about sex over coffee.  And the writer part of me just wants it all to play out well.

I have always enjoyed sex scenes, (I may have been pure, but not THAT pure,) but, I hope I’m at least a little discerning about it.  The best ones, I believe, are about love.  As my mama used to say, “Sex without love, darling, is just plumbing.”  The gauzy scenes, as Carole from Imagine That likes to term them, (isn’t that the perfect name?) should be fulfilling to the spirit of the story.  The ones I remember most weren’t throw away, but somehow integral to the plot, like in Stephen R. Donaldson’s The Mirror of Her Dreams / A Man Rides Through.  It said almost nothing about the hero and heroine inserting tab A in slot B, but it was sweet and truthful, especially since their first try didn’t work.

In her  Ten Top Tips for Writing Sex Scenes, Emma Darwin explains that, “Sex is Dialogue” and that it should always advance the story in some way.  I completely agree. (Go ahead and read the whole article.  It’s full of good insight on romance and was extremely helpful when I thought this chapter would never get written. )

I hope this chapter is fulfilling to the spirit of this story.  I’m going to let you decide, so without further ado, Home: Chapter 10.





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