Fanfiction As a Genre

Really quick, since my kids are coming home soon, I want to bend your ear, and talk a little about fanfiction…as a legit genre.  Since the new Star Wars movie has come out, there has been a lot of talk about how The Force Awakens is fanfiction to A New Hope through Jedi.  If you even understand that last sentence, you have probably seen these movies, and might agree.

star-wars-force-awakens Heck, I liked The Force Awakens (although, it still remains to be seen if the new movies can sustain the momentum,) and I think it is fanfiction.   What I am proposing is that this is not a bad thing. Fanfiction is about exploring a very well-known universe.  It doesn’t take time to remind you what Jedis can do, who Luke Skywalker is, or more related to this site, what Catherine looks like, or that she works (worked) at the D.A.’s office.  In that way, fanfiction limits its audience.  Just as no one who hadn’t seen the original Star Wars trilogy, (I’m still amazed there are actually people who haven’t,) was going to do to The Force Awakens, no one who doesn’t really love “Beauty and the Beast” fanfiction, and read Union, and hung in for the other chapters in this story was going to read Home: Chapter 8, but that’s ok.  I’m not writing for a general audience, I’m writing for you.  Thank you for reading, for delving into the great sub, sub, sub genre of fiction that is Classic, SND, “Beauty and the Beast” (TV, 1987) fanfiction.  It’s always a fun to be an uber-geek with you.

For next month I am focusing on Winterfest, but then it is back at you with Chapter 9 .  So, without further ado, Home: Chapter 8.

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